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Mighty Little Bheem is a Netflix original series that began airing in April 2019. The show was created by the super-talented Rajiv Chilaka and is produced by Green Gold Animation.

The show’s creative team tasked me with a very specific vision for their soundtrack: 1) create a traditional, full orchestral underscore, 2) though the characters are Indian, the score would be western with only the occasional, momentary nods to Indian instruments and flavors, 3) heavy thematic characterizations, 4) the score aurally needed to tell the entire visual story, 5) the harmonic language/content needed to be catered to 2-4 year olds but still feel grand, and 6) the scares and danger can never be that scary or dangerous.

And by the way, no dialogue! So the full orchestral score was asked to carry the lion’s share of audio storytelling, a balance between through-composed leitmotif and full-on, old-school mickey-mousing. In fact, I wasn’t aware of the sfx during the scoring process. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Personal favorites are Kalia’s Theme and Babban Sher’s Theme.





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